Jack Clifford

Music Transcription


Need your music transcribed from audio to a lead sheet? Jack can do that or even generate completely individual parts to each song for you. This is extremely useful from copyright purposes, to having real charts for your band.

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Bio: Played guitar from January, 1956 to the present

Played professionally from 1960 to present

Graduate of Northern Conservatory of Music, 1968. Bachelor of Music Degree, Music Education

Music Teacher, Grades K-12, MSAD 48 and RSU 19, 1968 – 2013

18th Army Band and 195th Army Band, 1969 – 1975. Trombone, Guitar & Bass Guitar

Private Music Teacher, 1965 – Present

Played in back up bands for many recording “stars” of the 1960s

Played in military bands for President Nixon, President Ford and General William Westmoreland

Guitarist in the Bob Hope Orchestra

Studied arranging and composing at the University of Maine under Willie Maiden and Tom Hoffman