Andrew Clifford (Percussion)

Founder & Owner , Main Street Music Studios

Andrew Clifford offers private lessons in drums, recording engineering, and live DJing to students of all ages and abilities in the Bangor Maine area and beyond.

Andrew Clifford truly lives music. He specializes in music production, studio engineering, instruction & performance. He has 20 years of experience as a teacher specifically focusing on the drum set. He can teach all styles of music, and within all styles include lessons on sight reading, writing, feel, independence, and teaches overall versatility and musicality on the drums.

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As an artist and producer for Green Tank Productions, Andrew has also created his original material for hip hop artists such as Najee (Jungle Tactics), Termanology (St. Da Squad), Green Tank (The Group), Bronze Nazereth (WU-Tang), Nigel Hall (Soulive), Mush (Fortilive) Krumbsnatcha (Wu-Tang) and many more. As an engineer, his editing and mixing skills are always one step ahead, giving the client a better sound then they thought possible in a very quick time frame. His rhythmic and melodic ear in conjunction with his creative mind give him a constant strong backbone which all of his clients can always depend on.

In addition, Andrew also gives production, engineering, and even DJing classes out of his own studio in Bangor, Maine. He has 10+ years experience as a producer with original material already making it on major national TV networks like BET, VH1, ESPN, TLC, MSG (Madison Square Garden channel) among others.

As a live DJ, Andrew has DJ’d for cormega, Najee, Green Tank, and has performed his own sets at major events. He also is fortunate to continue to perform with many of the best jazz musicians in the state.

Drum Lessons

Andrew Teaches Drum Lessons of all styles of music which includes sight reading, fills & set ups, soloing/improvising, groove & feel, time signatures, independence, and overall versatility and musicality on the drum set.

Production Lessons

In the production lessons, students will learn how to create and build songs from many different foundations and platforms. Andrew uses a variety of production tools from the likes of the Akai MPC 4000, to other industry standard software like Reason, pro tools HD & serato. In these lessons students will get to create their own songs from the ground up and take them home on cd once the song is complete.

Engineering – Being that Andrew owns a full recording/production studio, he also uses this for his engineering classes. In these classes students will learn the basics from mic placement and mic choice to priceless advanced pro tools editing and mixing skills. this class is very intricate and hands on as the students actually records live instruments and get to take their recordings and knowledge home with them.

DJing Lessons

In the DJing classes Andrew uses grand master Technics with rane ttm-56 mixer in conjunction with serato. He teaches basic and advanced DJing skills from Mixing & scratch techniques to beat juggling & blends. Both real vinyl and serato will be used in these classes.

Sample Client List

Andrew’s clients include:

  • Universal Records
  • Sony/RCA
  • Pentatonix
  • John Hodgman (Comedy Central)
  • MineCraft (Mojang)
  • MasterCard
  • Nigel Hall (Lettuce)
  • Bronze Nazareth (Wu Tang)
  • Verizon
  • Jeff Coffin (Dave Matthews Band)
  • Highlights Magazine
  • Amazon Audible
  • And many more…
Andrew Clifford, music producer, engineer, instructor, DJ
Photo of Andrew Clifford by Jason Paige Smith

“Every part of my day influences the other. My performances help my production ideas, my engineering sparks teaching concepts, and to me, it all works together to create my mind to be as open and as educated as possible for an array of clients looking for that experienced, on point individual.”

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