Studio A -Recording/Mixing

In Studio A, we offer tracking, production, mixing & mastering in every style of music. We also have some of the best studio musicians in the state on call for your project.

We capture the sound you want for your album and can edit, mix, and arrange your project exactly the way you envision it. Our focus is quality, and efficiency.


Andrew Clifford: Audio Engineer, Head Producer

Gear List For Studio A


Apple Tower with Accel Cards-20 gig ramm

-D Command Board w/Production Desk

Pre Amps

-UA Dual 610

-Avalon 737sp

-Avalon AD 2022 Dual Pre

-Avalon U5 DI

-SSL XLogic 4 Channel VHD

-UA 710-d (4 Channels)

-Api Lunch box: (SSL Master Comp, Neve 542 tape (2) and more)


-SSL 2 Buss

-Four 1176

-Api Lunch Box w/TWO Neve 542 Tape Emulators


-Avalon 2055

-A Designs EMEQ2

-2 UA 610 eq

-Avalon 737 eq


-Focal Twins with Iso Acoustics


-Dorrough 40-A (Stereo)

In House Instruments

-Baldwin Baby Grand Piano

-Yamaha Birch Recording Custom Drums

-Gretsch Jazz Catalina

-K Conn and Meinl Cymbals

-Variety of Snares

-MPC 4,000 with analog expansion

-Machine Studio

-Moog Sub Phatty

-Genuine B3 organ with original leslie speaker







And More…


-Pro Tools 10 TDM

-Reason 4.0

-Aky SYS

-Serato Scratch

-Mercury Bundle

-Auto Tune


-Incredible plug-in Collection (over 300 Plug ins)

And More…

We have a sea of in house recording equipment that can be rented for your session. Below is the start of a list thats growing fast!

Amps: (Subject To Availability)

1971 Fender Princeton Reverb 10 (Blackface)
1966 Gibson GA-20 Minuteman 12 (very Tweed)
1956 Supro “Champ” 8 Alnico (Tweed)
1970 Sunn Sceptre (clean and warm)
Carvin Quad X Pre/Atomic 1-12 cabs (Eminence Red Fang/Wizard) (Mesa-ish)
Gibson GA-5 Mojotone 8 Alnico
Line 6 Pod HD
Marshall Class 5 10 (Class A w/ Plexi vibe)
Trace Elliott Velocette 10 (Vox AC-15-ish)
Vox AC4-TV 10 (Brash Brit)

Effect Pedals:  (Subject To Availability)

BBE Wah (Vox)
Boss CE-3 Chorus (JC-style chorus)
Boss Bass EQ
Boss CS-3 Compressor
Danelectro Cool Cat Chorus
Danelectro Vibe (Univibe-like)
Danelectro Tremolo
Digitech Bad Monkey Tubescreamer (2)
DOD Stereo Chorus
Dunlop Hendrix Fuzz Germanium (2) (Fuzz Face)
Morley Analog Delay
Morley Optical Wah
MXR Script Dynacomp
MXR Script Phase 90
MXR Script Phase 45
MXR Script Distortion +
MXR Distortion + (Block)
MXR Analog Delay w/ Mod
MXR Hendrix Fuzz Silicon (Fuzz Face)
T.C. Digital Reverb
T.C. Digital Delay
Voodoo Labs Superfuzz (Bosstone/Tonebender vibe)

Some of our studio clients:

Universal Records



John Hodgman (Comedy Central)

MineCraft (Mojang)


Nigel Hall (Lettuce)

Bronze Nazareth (Wu Tang)


Jeff Coffin (Dave Matthews Band)

Highlights Magazine

Amazon Audible

And many more…

Testimonials for studio work

“Andrew is one of the best musicians I ever worked with. He is someone whom I believe knows what real music is supposed to sound like and has an impeccable sense of timing and what needs to happen. His work ethic in the studio and abroad is a very rare find these days and anyone who has the opportunity to work with him in either outfit is very fortunate.”
-Nigel Hall (Lettuce, Soulive, Rustic Overtones, The Eric Krasno Band)

“Green Tank supplies the key ingredient hip hop has been missing in the past decade. Smooth vibes layered over boom bap beats. There have been a few times where I’ve put Green’s tracks on loop for inspiration while working on some of my art.”

– A. Garcia

“From the first beat I heard of Green Tank, I recorded the joint the next day and had it on the st. da squad album, his sound is well rounded and unique, since then me krumbsnatcha and termanology have all snatched up his work for future projects.”

– hectic st. da squad/w.o.l.v.e.s. ent.

“Green Tank Productions got hot beats 4 real. I’m Definitely rockin’ wit Andrew on some beats. Dat Sound is what I need to spit fire to.”
–Singapore Kane

“Yo A is So Serious when it comes down to Instrumentation.

His Definition is Versatility!!!!!!”

– Total Eclipse (X-excutioners)

“Andy Clifford is a great drummer, who accompanies jazz horn players in a sensitive and supportive manner. This is in addition to possessing a complete knowledge base in regard to hip hop music. I have a high regard for his compositions/arrangements in that medium. I am happy to see his studio doing so well.”

Ted Casher – Sax/clarinet/flute – Freelance musician in the Boston area

“Leading the new era of rap with his new era form of production, the boy AmC is a problem. A problem too big for a solution, so don’t hurt yourself trynna figure out the kid. With his unorthodox style, he’s hard hitting and even harder to measure. ”
– Najee
“There’s nobody out there like this dude. “A” is a true artist’s engineer. From the time I stepped into the studio with him to the time I left, I was comfortable. He was actually the first engineer I ever asked for, and received advice pertaining to something I was recording. He as an ear for music that I can say, “I trust.”
– Big Stan

“Green Tank is one of the best producers out right now; I plan on working with him alot in the VERY near future.”

-Hip-hop artist Termanology – New album Politics As Usual out now.